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Diapering on a Budget: A 3 Part Series

Welcome to our 3 part series about cloth diapering on a budget.

In the used cloth diaper space your dollar can stretch much further, but a very limited budget does still limit your options some. We’ve broken our budget categories into 3 groups $100, $100-200, and $200+. Today we’ll talk about the hundred dollar budget and what you can do with it.

Aside from what your cloth diaper budget is, there are a couple other questions to ask yourself. Is easy laundry care more important to you, or easy diaper changes? Prefolds are the easiest diapers to care for. Bar none. There are actually some detail and intricacies about each cloth diaper type, but those are other posts for other days.

We consider fitted diapers and covers to be a good second choice for ease of care. They do have a few more folds to rinse out, but overall, a good ease of care option.

The other option for this budget tier is the oh so famous and loved pocket diaper. It makes for a slightly more difficult laundry process (lots of folds to rinse out, and one must also unstuff and restuff them), plus covers must also be changed as well as inserts at every changing. Also, because these diapers tend to be synthetic, care for them can be a little more tricky.

Below is a flow chart to show how we organized the decision making process for spending a hundred dollar diaper budget. We were pretty generous with the number of diapers needed in a 24 hour period. So you could likely get away with longer between washes than what we have below.

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